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Are you in search of the perfect custom lab that is already trained and well-behaved?

Black male Labrador Retriever puppy

Summer 2024 Newsletter

Scout black male labrador puppy

Meet Scout: The Perfect Custom Lab

Are you looking for the PERFECT Custom Lab that’s already trained and housebroken?

Over the years, we’ve had many great Labradors, but six of them really stand out: Bareon, Joe, Tripp, Vedder, Joe the Second, and now Scout, a fifteen-week-old black male. They have excelled at the top of our breed protocol, bonding with their owners in a special way.

Scout black male labrador puppy 04

Scout has shown exceptional traits similar to another standout dog, Joe. Both expressed themselves verbally with whines, chatter, and the cutest growl you’ve ever heard. Both bumped doors with their noses and turned to look at me as if to say, “Open the door!” Both were super cuddly, loving to be held, and both would have followed me into Hell. Intelligence, loyalty, and a great sense of humor set these Labs apart from the pack. They also love to ride in vehicles and enjoy the water.

Scout black male labrador puppy 03

After seeing these exceptional traits in Scout, I took him in the house and began training at the age of seven weeks. He goes everywhere with me – to the grocery store, hardware store, and on all errands. His favorite seat is the middle front of the pickup, dozing with his head on my arm. He sleeps on the carpet beside my bed. He knows to sit and wait for release to eat and is nearly house-trained. This past week, he went on our pontoon boat and learned to jump in the lake and follow me to shore. Scout is very sensitive, wants to do what is expected of him, is very gentle and smart, and responds extremely well to instruction.

Scout will be fully trained and housebroken by July 4th and ready for a home. He must go to a home where he will live indoors, as he would not do well as an outdoor-only dog. Scout will excel as an assistance dog and can accompany you to restaurants, on airplanes in the cabin, or anywhere else with a service vest. He will come with all vaccines and dewormings up to date and will be fully trained through our primary program, ready to accept Stage 2 training if you choose.

$7500 – Ready to go July 4th

A Big Thank You to Martin Marietta

Locals know how rough our driveway has been lately. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Martin Marietta and Brandon Weimer for contributing over 600,000 pounds of gravel to our operation. What an outstanding and selfless company!

Scenic mountain hike with yellow Labrador Retriever

Join Us for a Dog-Friendly Hike

Tentative Date: June 29th, 2024

We are planning a gentle mountain trail hike with at least one of our dogs and would love a family or two to join us. (We’ve taken children as young as three.) We will share our secret trail where we cross four knee-deep streams and arrive at a beautiful water bowl filled by a waterfall. There’s great swimming, and even though we’ve been going for 35 years, we hardly ever see another person. This trail is just under two miles one way. The location is 18 miles north of Morganton, NC, just off I-40. If you would like to go, please contact me. We can meet at a great restaurant in Morganton for breakfast. You will need snacks and water but not much else.

Tripp Wood


Black Labrador Retriever at the Veterinarian getting a vaccine

Vaccination Advice for Your Dog

When we began our breeding business many years ago, all we had to go on was what our veterinarian told us. We relied on him for recommendations for food, vaccines, heartworm medicine, etc. He was a really nice guy and one of my favorite vets, but in hindsight, his advice cost us dearly. There is nothing quite like experience to form better practices. Veterinarians know how to treat your dog in an emergency, but just like human doctors, they are only repeating what they’ve been led to believe while in vet school.

Essential Vaccines:

  • Rabies: Does not have the same breakthrough risk as it is a killed virus.
  • Parvovirus: Sometimes does “breakthrough” but is mostly effective and safe.
  • Distemper: Does have a small breakthrough risk but is generally effective.

Vaccines to Avoid:

  • Leptospirosis: Only protects against up to four serovar types and is effective for only three or four months. Studies show it may cause detachment of the ACL ligaments up to several years after vaccination.

Ensure your pup is healthy, parasite-free, and feeling good before administering vaccines to reduce the risk of breakthrough. Be adamant about stopping any other vaccines from being given, as some vets may administer blended shots with unnecessary vaccines.

Vaccine Schedule:

  • Third Puppy Shot (Distemper/Parvo) and Rabies: Given between 16 and 18 weeks.
  • Booster Shots: Next given at one year, then every three years. Some states require Rabies every third year, but the Rabies Challenge Fund is pushing for legislation to change this to every seventh year.

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