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Beemer 2002-2014

Lance McDonald with Beemer


I wanted you to know that after 12.5 great years, Beemer ran out of heart beats last month. I have included a pictures of Beemer’s first day with us and his last day. (Trip and Tripper delivered Beemer to us in MN back in 2002.) He was absolutely the perfect dog for us. His temperament far exceeded what we had ever hoped for, especially when a baby came along in 2004. He was loyal, gentle, caring and funny. He loved to chase bunnies, turkeys and deer. (I think his record was 1 out of 1,000, but he never quit!) On his last day, he had not eaten for several days, so Amy brought home a cheeseburger for him and he ate it in three bites…………….and then spit out the pickle. 🙂 He was not short on personality and as a result became not only a pet, but also part of our family.

Many thanks to you for breeding such high quality dogs and nutrition for the dogs so they can have a high quality life. We loved him more than we thought we could and we miss him deeply.


Lance McDonald

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