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Our Guarantee

All pups are issued with AKC limited registration papers, unless otherwise indicated. This means that your dog will be AKC registered, but any pups your dog has will not be eligible for AKC papers. (In some cases, we will change the limited status to a full registration in the future. This is done through our lease back program).
Guidelines effective 8-15-99
Our puppies are guaranteed to be free from major genetic defects, such as hip dysplasia, generalized demodex, etc.

Following are the conditions of warranty:

  • Any dog purchased from us diagnosed with a major genetic defect that negatively effects health within one year of the purchase date will be eligible for a refund of money, pending conditions outlined below. The refund will be limited to half the original purchase price of the pup, or to the cost involved in repairing the defect, whichever is smaller.
  • You may also exercise the option of taking a replacement pup. The diagnosis must be made by a licensed veterinarian specializing in the field of question. You must call us before receiving treatment. Injuries not caused by a genetic defect are not covered. (example: hip dysplasia can be caused by genetic defect, nutrition, or by injury). Allergies, small skin irritations, localized demodex, extropia etc. are not covered.
  • Your dog must have been on a good, highly digestible protein diet, (including vitamin C) for the entire time to qualify for this guarantee. (Improper nutrition or growth hormones can cause bones and joints to grow deformed, and can also lead to other serious health issues within a very short period of time). The only approved food is JaxMax.
  • Proof of defect must be provided, as well as the veterinarian’s name and phone number. We reserve the right to a second opinion. If approved, payment will be made after copies of all veterinarian records, including surgical notes, and receipt for payment of procedures are provided. In some cases medical treatment may not be necessary, even if there is a technical genetic abnormality.
  • Dogs that do not undergo corrective surgical treatment are not eligible for a refund.
  • Viruses and bacterial infections are not covered, as these are not genetic in nature. However, should your pup develop symptoms of a virus, bacteria or any other problem within ten days of purchase, call us immediately. If the sickness was contracted before the purchase date, and symptoms developed later, we will gladly trade out your pup for a healthy one. Should you decide to take your pup to the vet for treatment within this ten day guarantee period, we will not be responsible for the bill. ( This also applies to illnesses or defects other than viral or bacterial ).
  • Please remember that puppies have a very delicate digestion system. Trading dog foods, the stress of going to a new environment, or chewing on the wrong items can give your pup a temporary case of vomiting or diarrhea. By going to the vet unnecessarily at a young age, you may actually be exposing him to a virus lingering in the clinic. Though it is unlikely your pup will experience any of these conditions, please call us should they develop. We can help in deciding if this is a condition needing treatment by a vet. Also keep in mind that should your vet perform a Parvo test within thirty days after a vaccine was administered, your pup will test positive. This is due to the reaction of the vaccine, and is completely normal. It does not mean your pup has Parvo.
    In order to make a claim against the guarantee, you must provide us with the applicable information regarding the defect, the vet’s name and phone number, a copy of your original sales receipt, and the original health record, as well as documents outlined within the third bullet point.
  • Pups or dogs sold at discount are sold “as is” and are not covered by any guarantee whatsoever.
  • This applies to genetic defects, viruses, bacterial infections, etc.
  • Defects that simply cause your dog to be considered poor for breeding, yet are not necessarily harmful, are not covered. Our primary intention is to sell pups suitable for family pets. We make no guarantee as to their breedability. For example, cryptorchidism is not covered. All pups are sold with AKC limited registration.
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