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How the stud breeding works

Once you bring your female to our farm, we will continually asses her state of readiness through cellular microscope readings. Both natural and artificial breeding techniques are used to impregnate. Once the breeding has been deemed as having the highest chance of success, we will contact you so that you may retrieve your female.

During her stay at our farm, she will be in a professional kennel with approximately 100 square feet. This kennel contains a brick dog house with heated tile floors, as well as forced air. Fresh, clean water is available to her 24/7, and feedings are twice daily.

All our studs have an excellent record of producing healthy puppies. We go beyond the standard hip, elbow and eye certifications to ensure your pups have the best chance for a healthy life.

Studs have their sperm checked at the beginning of every breeding, to ensure good numbers and motility.

We hold a 90% success rate in impregnating healthy females that are here during their fertile period.

However, there are times that females do not conceive, even with our best efforts. Should your female not conceive, or have less than two pups, we will perform the breeding an additional time at no additional cost.

Females must be tested for Brucellosis prior to breeding. You can either take your dog to your veterinarian and provide the results to us, or we can provide that service to you for a fee of $160.00.

This helps to ensure the breed stock remains healthy.

How To Tell When Your Female Is In Heat

Female Labradors will usually display a change in mood as they enter heat. Although some can become grouchy, most become very happy – even more than normal. They will also discharge a small amount of reddish liquid, although this is easy to miss. The best way to determine entry into heat is to wipe her backside with a white cloth daily, examining for blood discharge. Females coming into heat tend to fuss at males) that get too close. They may also hump couch cushions or other dogs. Most owners tend to wait too late, so as soon as you see these signs, it’s best to get her to us within the next few days.

Heat cycles run three weeks, from entry to exit.

For successful breeding, we need your female here until she shows signs of exiting the heat cycle.

Should you choose to pick her up early, we cannot offer the free repeat breeding should she not conceive.

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