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jax max 018 800JAXMAX Puppy & Adult Dog Food

Wholesome & Nutritious • Naturally Preserved

We think you will find this is the BEST food your dog will ever eat!

JaxMax Puppy & Adult formula is specifically designed to meet the needs of your puppy or adult Labrador or Golden Retriever.

Orders of more then 2 bags at a time result in the shipping cost not being calculated correctly at check out time.  Please break up orders into 2 bag pairs per orders.  So for a 4 bags, place 2 orders of 2 bags.  This will greatly reduce the shipping costs, sometimes as much as 50% savings.  For larger orders please phone us and we will assist with placing the order to optimize shipping charges and save you money.

Additional shipping options are available by phone request if needed, please call to make arrangements

Shipping weight is about 31.9 pounds per bag.

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jax max 015 800JAXMAX Snax

Puppy & Adult Snacks to compliment the best food!

We know your dog will love them! These dog treats are a nutritional fit with JaxMax dog food; like a hand in a glove.  Made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients, time and dog tested for perfection. Free of Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT. Preserved completely with natural vitamins. Our special Trade-Secret manufacturing process makes this one of the only treats on the planet that do not contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Treats come in resealable 2 pound bags.

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