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LABPUPS Obedience Training Program

  • Length: 21 day (3 week)
  • Start: Can begin any day, based on availability.
  • Owner training included.
  • Boarding & Food included.
  • Visiting is recommended after two weeks (14 days).
  • In 21 days, your puppy will have an excellent command of sit, stay, come and heel.
  • Your puppy won’t forget you, and housebreaking doesn’t tend to regress.
  • This is like a mini-vacation for your puppy!

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Training Taught

  • Come, sit, stay, heel are taught. These 4 simple commands are the start of a long and enjoyable relationship with your puppy.
  • Commands are reinforced with praise. “An ounce of praise lasts longer than a pound of treats”. Treats for commands, will create food dependency in exchange for performance.
  • Jumping on people is discouraged (This is common among excited pups).
  • Teaching your pup to be patient and considerate is part of our training program.
  • The LABPUPS Obedience Training Program creates a more gentle pup.
  • 3 to 4 months/12 to 16 weeks of age is perfect . The best age to start formal training is 13 weeks of age. Late is better than never! Older dogs can benefit from training too.

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Cost and Payment

  • 3 week Obedience Training Program $1,500
  • Housebreaking (6-8 weeks in addition to O.T.P.) $1,950
  • Payment due: At the time of drop off.
  • Accepted methods: Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Cash/Check

Continued training is available for a pro-rated price.

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