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Adult Lab Adoption

Older Labradors come pre-trained and ready for adoption to their forever homes.

Are you interested in a Labrador but prefer to bypass the puppy stage? Consider adopting an older Labrador. Many of these dogs come with full obedience training and are already housebroken, while others may have received basic training. Either option provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking the love and companionship of a Labrador without the extra work involved in raising a young Lab puppy.

All Available Older Labs

Yellow Male Labrador Retriever


About 1-1/2 years old

Jake Yellow Male Labrador Retriever For Sale

Jake first opened his eyes to the world on October 8, 2022, with the Labpups ranch as his first and only home. As he matured into a lively 4-month-old, we noticed a trend: prospective owners often sought younger puppies, typically around 7-8 weeks old, leaving Jake waiting longer for his forever home. Despite this, Jake's age should be seen not as a setback but as a unique advantage. He thrives in the company of other dogs and has a boundless affection for humans. Jake's ready and eager to bring joy and companionship to his new family.

Adoption fee: $2,500

Call or text Tripper @ 704-975-2726

Yellow Male Labrador Retriever


About 1-1/2 years old

Yellow Male Labrador - Jax

Jax, a vibrant yellow male Labrador, is currently 1.5 years young. While he’s nearly mastered the art of being housebroken, there’s still a bit of room for improvement. His training journey has also included some obedience lessons. Known for his exceptionally friendly demeanor, Jax enjoys the company of other dogs. He’s still intact.


Call or text Tripper Wood for more information at 704-975-2726

Black Female Labrador Retriever

Sophie - ADOPTED

About 1-1/2 years old

Sophie - Black Female Labrador Retriever for sale

Meet Sophie, our charming 1-and-a-half-year-old black female who is ready to find her forever home. Sophie is a testament to joy and companionship, exemplifying health and happiness in every wag of her tail. Not only is she in excellent health, but she is also fully up-to-date on all her vaccinations, ensuring she’s as fit as a fiddle. To provide peace of mind to her new family, Sophie comes microchipped with a permanent ID, making her always a part of your family, no matter where she might wander.

Sophie's calm demeanor is nothing short of remarkable. She possesses a serene temperament that makes her the perfect companion for families with children or other dogs. Her ability to blend seamlessly into a household makes her an ideal choice for those looking for a pet that will bring harmony and joy into their lives.

Sophie's gentle nature is complemented by her sociability and friendliness towards both children and other dogs. She embodies the spirit of companionship, making her the perfect addition to any family looking to grow their pack. With Sophie, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re welcoming a new member into your family, ready to provide unconditional love and cherished moments.

Let Sophie bring a touch of calmness, love, and joy into your home. She’s more than just a pet; she’s a friend waiting to fill your life with memorable moments and unwavering loyalty.

Adoption fee: $1,500

Yellow Male Labrador Retriever


About 1-1/2 years old

Yellow Male Labrador - Max

Max, a charming yellow male Labrador, is just slightly beyond his first year. He’s well-versed in obedience and fully housebroken. Known for his amiable nature, Max easily makes friends with other dogs. He’s also an excellent travel companion in the car and behaves wonderfully indoors.

Max’s personality shines through his amiable nature. With an innate friendliness and a gentle demeanor, he has a remarkable ability to bond with other dogs. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the park or a playful afternoon in the yard, Max is always eager to make new canine friends and is known for his peaceful interactions.

Not only is Max sociable and well-behaved, but he’s also an exemplary travel buddy. Car journeys are a breeze with him; he settles in comfortably for rides, whether short trips to the local store or longer adventures exploring new terrains. His calm and collected nature during travel makes him the perfect companion for road trips.

Adoption fee: $4,500

Call or text Tripper Wood for more information at 704-975-2726


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