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What is a microchip? How does it work?

What is a microchip? How does it work?

This provides protection to your pet, so that he can return home after being lost or stolen.
A microchip is a piece of silicon, about the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted hypodermically under the skin, just above the shoulder blades. (This is usually a painless procedure). The chip does not transmit a frequency, but will transpond a unique number when queried by a microchip scanner. This number can then be checked against a worldwide database, which provides the contact information that you give the recording agency. (There is a one time recording fee of $15.00 that you will pay directly to the recording agency). Nearly all vets, dog pounds, and humane societies have the microchip scanners, and can therefore get your pup home to you.
You will not know the chip is in place. It has not been known to cause infections or other complications. The chips have been credited with literally thousands of pets going home. Do not rely on dog tags alone – these are usually lost just after your pet disappears. Only the microchip can greatly increase the chance of return. You can lose your pet in nearly any country, and have the same protection. (Being lost is the number one cause of death in pets). The microchip should be installed by a trained professional, such as your breeder or vet.

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