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Obedience Training


  • Length: 21 day (3 week)
  • Start: Can begin any day, based on availability.
  • Owner training included.
  • Boarding & Food included.
  • Visiting is recommended after two weeks (14 days).
  • In 21 days, your puppy will have an excellent command of sit, stay, come and heel.
  • Your puppy won’t forget you, and housebreaking doesn’t tend to regress.
  • This is like a mini-vacation for your puppy!

Training Taught

  • Come, sit, stay, heel are taught. These 4 simple commands are the start of a long and enjoyable relationship with your puppy.
  • Commands are reinforced with praise. “An ounce of praise lasts longer than a pound of treats”. Treats for commands, will create food dependency in exchange for performance.
  • Jumping on people is discouraged (This is common among excited pups).
  • Teaching your pup to be patient and considerate is part of our training program.
  • The LABPUPS Obedience Training Program creates a more gentle pup.
  • 3 to 4 months/12 to 16 weeks of age is perfect . The best age to start formal training is 13 weeks of age. Late is better than never! Older dogs can benefit from training too.

Cost and Payment

Continued training is available for a pro-rated price.

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